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Use an image (from a website) in a Report Text/Email without downloading the image


I attended the Boston Alteryx User Group last night, which was a great session.  During this session, another member of the Community @JoshuaM presented a really cool workflow.


As part of this workflow, they wrote out an email and used HTML inside the report text tool to do a lot of pretty complex formatting.

I thought this was awesome, but wanted to try doing it without any HTML (using the "basic" mode of Report Text), since I thought it would be a good learning exercise.


I got most of the email set up without issue, but I couldn't manage to handle linking to a hosted image without resorting to HTML.


Below is the current report text tool I have (image reference changed to the Google logo)


<![CDATA[ <!-- an image -->

<center><img src="" height="80"> </center>



Is there another way to accomplish this without leveraging HTML?


Edit: Added Report Text image for full configuration.




You could use the download tool to download the image from the web, and then the image tool to turn that downloaded file into a report snippet.


Check out the attached workflow to see what I mean.



Adam Riley
Principal Software Engineer
Tech Lead Core Engines, Alteryx