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Use alteryx to push down forecast to individual branches.

did anyone have used Alteryx to build a workflow to push/allocate forecast to each individual branch offices?  the allocation is based on several existing key drivers (like HC, Productivity and others).  When the total forecasted volume is determined, then push down to the individual branches based on those drivers.  if you have a workflow built to do similar thing, please share with me.  thanks.

Alteryx Partner

If I understand you correctly you want to forecast at the "branch" granularity. If so the best option is to take a look at the "TS Forecast Factory" or "TS Model Factory" tools for forecasting multiple items. Let me know if this is what you are wanting. I can dig up an example for you if that's what you want.





thank you for your reply.  We do forecast at Total level, then push down to lower level at branch.  that's what I mean. in other words, that is opposed to "bottom up " approach which starts from branch then rollup to total.