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Use Regex to split string


Dear all,


I run into a problem when splitting a string and regrouping it based on different criteria. I tried various formulas and workflows and I am still stuck to find a structured workflow. 


The initial data looks like :

001ABC 123 M @#
001ABC 798 M @#
001ABC 7 @#
001ABC @
002F 421 #
003GHJK 433 @
003GHJK @


What output should be is :


001ABC123 M@#
001ABC 798 M @#
001ABC @
003GHJK 433@
003GHJK  @


Many thanks for your input.

^([^ ]+) (.*?) ?([^ ]+)$

should do what you need.


The first column will be up to the first space. The last column will be from the last space.

The middle column will only be filled if there is a middle block


Sample attached


Thank you ! This looks great!