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Use Dynamic input to loop through CSV Files to import one at a time


I receive CSV Files once a day that I need to import into SQL Server.  However, since I currently have to manually run a script to convert the files from Excel to CSV I only do this process once a week which results in the files needing to be imported at the same time.  


I would like to import them dynamically one at a time.  So they would be run in the order that they are received.  Each file has the day it was created in it's file name.

IE:  100119.csv




I currently have a Directory tool pointing to this folder that grabs all of the csv names.  I feed it to a dynamic input tool that is currently pulling everything in.  However, it is doing it all at the same time.  Like the wildcard workflow.


Is there a way I can loop through this so it goes one at at a time?




 Yes, what you will need is to set up a macro with a control parameter that feeds the list of files in. This will run the tools inside the macro one time for every file that is passed through. 




Thanks for the reply. 


I haven't used these tools before do I need to do any special configuring on those two tools?  I've just connected the tools.



If you haven’t built a macro before it would probably be helpful to watch this video on building your first one:

You add the tools like you have done and then save it. This workflow will then be a macro which can be used in another workflow. The video above will explain this in more detail.