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Uploading zipped format including shp file - Error




I am trying to convert my shape files to polygons using below site!app/Tableau-Shapefile-to-Polygon-Converter/5296f89120aaf905b8e7fb48


But I get  a file format error (attached) when I try selecting by zipped file. I also tried the .shp file by itself and get another error

"File appears to be part of a multi-file format. Please create zip archive of the files for that format and upload that instead"


Please advise.



Hi @jsg


Since this macro is not built by Alteryx questions about the macro should be directed towards its creator which can be found on the link you posted.


In addition, the Tableau Starter kit also has tools to generate data in the proper format to be read by Tableau.


And depending on your version of Tableau, it looks like Tableau can directly read in spatial files.


Hope this helps.