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Uploading multiple files from same folder

5 - Atom

Is it possible to upload multiple input files using a single tool? The records in the files will have same no. of columns in the same order which can be used for union. Please share your suggestions.

16 - Nebula

Hey @satya04 - if all of your files will follow the same format then you’ll just want to follow the ‘Yes’ route of having the same schema within this great guide: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Designer-Knowledge-Base/The-Ultimate-Input-Data-Flowchart/t...


Depending on the case you’ll be able to single tool it with a wildcard, or at worst use a Dynamic input with a small handful of tools.


Example of a wildcard here, where instead of a file name we just provide * which indicates any amount of any characters. In this case, this Input Data would bring in everything in my 'Regions' directory, providing they all have a 'Sheet1'.



17 - Castor

@satya04 , you just have to use the below configuration to achieve your desired output.




Sapna Gupta