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Upload to Sharepoint | Missing person values

6 - Meteoroid

I have created a workflow which takes an Excel sheet and sends it to a SharePoint server via 'SharePoint List Output'


List looks like this:

WX_0-1594643467995.pngpic 1)


In SharePoint columns properties are:

  1. = person or group
  2. = string
  3. = string

However, if uploading the file not all values are processed by SharePoint. There are two cases 

  1. When uploading the list from pic 1) I get this list in SharePoint:



    2020-07-13 14_40_57-Window.pngpic 2)

    So the email addresses are not matched. I also tried to upload the file using a string column for user values. In this case I can see the values in SharePoint. 

  2. When uploading a list containing only column a) values I can see the email addresses are matched to active directory users
    2020-07-13 14_55_06-Window.png pic 3)

Is this a misconfiguration of SharePoint or do I have to adjust my workflow in Alteryx? Anybody had this issue already?

8 - Asteroid

@WX Were you able to solve it later?

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

I works just fine in my case. The email address was identified correctly.

Did you have input for the "Title" column? it is mandatory.WX.PNG


6 - Meteoroid

@ImMoinak94 actually not. Alteryx support is working on it.

7 - Meteor

I'm having the same problem, but see the behavior is different dependent if the field "Allow multiple selection" in SharePoint is set to No or Yes. When set to Yes, I experience the same as above, but when set to No I found it to work as intended. 



Ref. also my comment in this discussion:


PS: I'm using SharePoint Online365 and Alteryx version 2020.4.5.12471.