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Upload to Cloud-Servers very slow and incorrect String value error

6 - Meteoroid

I'm trying to upload big datasets to a MySQL-Cloud-Server. However the upload with Alteryx is unbelievably slow. I have about 10 mbit/s of upload and when I use MySQL Workbench to upload something I get full upload speed. With Alteryx I'm sitting at 0.1 mbit/s upload and it doesn't go higher than this, according to Windows Taskmanager.


The same happens with our Microsoft SQL-Server in the Cloud. So I have to create every table on my local machine and then upload it manually, which kind of defeats the purpose of Alteryx.


The other problem I'm facing is the following error message I get when writing certain datasets to MySQL (it is not an issue with MS SQL):


Both input and output datasources are using UTF-8. The process completely stops after trying to write to the table. I guess it has something to do with special characters, but I can't figure out what the cause of this is.

How can I fix this? If I remove column 'Bundesland' it is working, but that is just a temporary workaround. A lot of other String columns with special characters work without any problems.


6 - Meteoroid

An update on the second problem:

When I manually convert column 'Bundesland' to Codepage UTF-8 it seems to be working without errors. I just don't get why it's only happening with this column, not with other String columns with special characters.