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Updating month range and iterating the process in a batch macro

7 - Meteor

Hi folks,


I have data for LoanIDs for a period of 24 months. I have created a batch macro which takes data for 1 month and gives the desired result.


I want to automate the process for the rest of 12 months where the batch macro would take data for that month and similar process is to be executed for the rest of the months.


For eg: if the month is Sep-18 then the data picked up by the batch macro should be from Sep-18 to Sep-19, for Oct-18 it should be from Oct-18 to Oct-19 and so on, and this has to be executed from Sep-18 to Sep-19


I have attached the sample workflow which contains the output for the month of September.. However once this process is executed.. I would need output for the rest of the months in a new columns for eg: Oct-18 and so on.


I don't know how to proceed from here and would like assistance


Thank you

14 - Magnetar

The file you shared contains a macro within it, which is missing. Please use the export option to share the workflow containing macros. 



7 - Meteor

Hey, I hope this works.