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Updating field and field values (Prepping Data)



I receive data in lots of different formats with different field names and different values. For example Gender can also be named as sex. Also within gender there are many different ways to populate the fields for eg ( M/F) , (Male/Female) , (1,2) , ( Male, Female, Child). 

The standard field for my code is Gender (M/F). Is there any fast way i can use Alteyx to transform my data into a standard format given that i receive a variety of possibilities and it isn't convenient to create if statements all the time. I was thinking along the lines of maybe a drop down menu with all the combinations. I have attached a workflow below to give a sense of what i want to do. 


Gender might be an easy example but when it comes to fields with more that 10-15 combinations... a dynamic workflow can come in really handy !! 




Hi Aqil! 


What if you try something like the attached macro? 




Uses a Dynamic Rename to standardize your field names first... and then Transpose - Join - Union - Cross-Tab to populate specific fields with standardized responses. You could either keep the Text Inputs for column names and standard responses as Text Inputs within the workflow, or you could make them even more dynamic by keeping them as lists that could be updated elsewhere as more field name variations and/or response options came up.


Check out the attached macro that has some examples and notes... hope that helps!





Hey Nicole,


Thanks for your reply !
I was wondering if their is a way i can split the Gender and MarriageStatus field into two separate macros. I did try doing this in my workflow using two different macros for gender and Age Definition. It gives me a complete drop down list of all the fields for the first macro (gender) but it limits me to only one field for the second macro ! I was wondering if there is a way to display all the fields in this case.