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Updating Fields in Salesforce with Dependencies


Hello All,


I'm having the following problem and am really not sure why it's happening so I thought the Alteryx hive mind might help.


I'm running a workflow daily that updates Lead records in Salesforce using the Salesforce output tool. There are two fields in particular that we're monitoring for chages each day: Account Status and Account Substatus. The latter field is dependent upon the former, meaning that a certain Account Status allows a subset of Account Substatuses to be entered from a restricted picklist where some Account Statuses have no applicable Substatuses.


When a Lead's Account Status changes from say one Account Status with a Substatus to an Account Status with no Substatus, I update both fields: the new Account Status and the new Substatus, in this case a null value. However, when I check to see if the changes are made correctly, while the Account Status has been updated, the Substatus has not and still returns a value when it should be null. So, basically, the data going into Salesforce is correct, but Salesforce is not updating the dependent Account Substatus field.


Is this a problem with Salesforce, or am I doing something wrong?


Any help would be much appreciated.


It could be an issue with Salesforce, when I update stages on opportunities, I have to update the close date separately because SFDC processes both at the same time and moving it to closed changes the date to today. I have a block until done tool that updates the status first, then the date second. (I've added a screen shot for you to see what I'm talking about)


Do you know if the field dependency is set up in SFDC, or is it just built in as a second field without the dependency? There have been a few times I've had to do two updates because the way our field dependencies are set up and the way the SFDC write tool processes entries. Do you need to update both fields or can you just update the substatus field? We have leads that get closed that require a sub reason for closing, and usually when I find one missing or need to update them I just update the sub reason without needing to change the status. 


Are you able to post the WF that you built for this?


Greenshot 2019-01-11 11.41.14.png