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Updates to Fuzzy Matching Tool

6 - Meteoroid

Have there been any updates to the Fuzzy Matching tool in recent versions of Alteryx? 

I just recently updated to the latest version after not updating for a very very long time and suddenly the amount of results I am getting from my Fuzzy Matching workflows is overwhelming! Like wwwwwaaayyyyyyyy too many matches. I have not made any changes except for updating. 

Has anyone else experienced this or have any insight as to what updates may have been applied to this tool?

Thank you!


Hi @azanetell,


From what version did you update from and to what version?


Have you checked if the match threshold percentage has changed at all?


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6 - Meteoroid

I upgraded to 2019.3. I am not sure what version I had before, something from 2017 probably. Is there a way I can see?


I did not change any settings in my workflows and I did check that no settings had been modified. 

5 - Atom

I seem to have a similar issue with the Fuzzy Matching Tool! I'm using fuzzy matching in a model that matches similar names from two Excel sheets and despite having everything set up similarly my colleague gets different results (# of matches) than I do when running the same model. The only difference is that I have the latest version of Alteryx (2019.3) whereas my colleague uses Alteryx version 2018.3.4. I cannot find any documentation about changes to the Fuzzy Matching tool on the web but it's unlikely that anything else than a version update would cause the difference in the results. Could someone please confirm that have there been updates to the Fuzzy Matching tool between versions 2018.3.4 and 2019.3? Thanks!

6 - Meteoroid

Yes there have been updates tot he tool! When I had this issue I worked with Alteryx help desk and at first they said they didn't change it, but then I kept pushing and found that there have been several small changes over a couple versions. They assumed the changes were small enough for most users to not notice. I don't have specifics on what the changes were but they said it was changes to the logic to improve match accuracy. 

5 - Atom

Thanks for the quick reply @azanetell! It's weird that Alteryx team has not disclosed these changes. For us the differences between Alteryx versions 2018.3.5 and 2019.3.4 were up to 30 % for some specifications of the Fuzzy Matching model. This can cause big issues when sharing the model with other users who might not all have the same version of Alteryx installed.