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Update specifi values

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I would like to know how to update specific data from a stream.


For example main stream looks like this


12h month :3561.7839999999997
Gross salary :120
Marginal tax :0.53500000000000003
Children :0


of those data have to be transformed, but not all of them, so to be the most dynamical possible, I've created some sort of maple table to select data and proceed into the transformation

In the end I have something like this : 


12h month :3.561,78 €
Marginal tax :53 %


But now, I'm looking for a way to insert back those updated data into my main table. 

What's the best way to proceed? I did try the  find and replace tool but it didn't gave me good enough results, as it would replace Values that didn't need to be transformed

(for example if I had Marginal tax : 0 %, it would replace all the 0 in my main table with 0 %)





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Hi @Hakimipous,


Take a look at my workflow, if there some issues, tell me

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Hey @Syarifhidayat 


Thanks for the reply


unfortunately I'm not sure I can use this because I have to look for the most dynamic way to proceed. The number of variables that has to be changed can vary, but the only 2 cases I'm facing is when I have to add an € sign ( and rounding the number) and transforming into %.

Sometimes I will have 12th month, sometime 13th month, ....


Mapping table isn't 100% dynamic but at least the user doesn't have to touch the workflow I've created, only update the mapping table with the variables that have to be updated. 

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Give the following a try.  Should be fairly dynamic, but take a look at the formula tool to make sure the parameters I've given will fit all situations.


If you have other situations that this isn't catching, post some more data.  Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the reply @danrh 


It gives me something to think about but I can't apply that method either, because I have a field called  "Ceiling non taxable allowances:"

And that one has to be a amount, so in €. Because of the word taxable, that one ends up with a %, and a cell containing only "Travel" has to be in %....(How annoying)


I still believe for this situation, the best method is to use a mapping table to isolate data that need to be transformed, then put back into the main table.


I know how tricky this is, It would be great to have a tool that coul help us target specific cell for updates 

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Once again, not having all your data, you could possibly change the formula to:


IF Contains([Field1], 'month')
THEN ToString(ToNumber([Field2]), 2,1)+"€"
ELSEIF ToNumber([Field2]) < 1 and ToNumber([Field2]) > 0
THEN ToString(FLOOR(ToNumber([Field2])*100))+'%'
ELSE [Field2]


The issue here will be if you have fields other than percent fields that are between 0 and 1, or if you have percent fields that are less than 0 or greater than 1.

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Posting here an update



As it was too messy and complicated to deal with, I have decided to ask to put hidden references into the Sheet I'm cleaning, It's less random that way.

With the references I directly cible and isolate what need to be transformed.


Thanks again for the help everyone!