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Update multiple columns at the same time

Hi All,


I am new to Alteryx. Can someone help me to understand is there a way to update multiple columns at the same time using a tool in alteryx.


Please find the attached document. I am trying to update both the columns marked in yellow at the same time.





Hi @PhilipGeorge 


I couldn't see any fields highlighted in yellow in the attached file, however I'd take a stab in the dark and suggest you'll solve your problem using the Multi Field Tool. Here's the tool 'how to' which will explain how to apply formula's across multiple rows etc.


Let me know further details if this doesn't resolve the problem. 



Hi Emily,


Thanks for the reply.  I think the color formatting in the excel is lost after uploading.


anyways I am trying to calculate the below columns . both these columns should get updated in parallel because both are dependent fields.


Expected Output_DemandQty , Expected Output_InvWIPQTY


What I noticed in the multirow formula is that only one field can be updated or created at a time. 


But in the case of multifield formula the calculations like row-1 are not possible. 


I was trying to look for a tool which can do multirow and multifield at the same time.


Thanks for your time in advance.







You might have to first transpose the data. The below article discusses this approach as well as a potential Macro solution.


- Keith