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Update a row with a preceeding value for multiple values

Alteryx Partner

As per the attached image. 


I have 2 data sources I am trying to blend 

One source contains telematic vehicle data containing registration/event datetime/ event and where it has intersected a geofence I created to identify the pick up and drop off location. It is a continuous stream of data.


The second source contains booking data and includes vehicle registration, pick up and drop off datetime & location.


I am trying to append the booking information onto the telematics but are struggling to come up with a way to insert the booking Number into each data point of the telematic data. 


I attach image of what I would like to achieve- All of the yellow values should contain the booking number found at the beginning and end of each block. The red should remain null as there are no bookings in this period.


Any suggestions on how to solve this within a workflow muchly appreciate- Outside a workflow solutions welcome too




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi Scott,

Is it the case that you are already able to generate all the data except what's in the yellow/red?  If not, can you show the starting point of the data and the desired ending point?

Alteryx Partner

Hi John,


After taking a small break I was able to Resolve this using the Generate Rows tool and the min/max values repopulate to help replicate the recordID with the booking Ref. I then joined back onto the data stream 




Dear @scottsgoingon 

Kindly could you share with me or  guide me a (link) to download the (telematics) data? Is it used for predicting the signature of the driver?

do you have data for training and testing for research purpose?

Thank you In advanced for your help