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Update Workflow constant during runtime With Values

5 - Atom


I have created a user constant and want to update it with a value of summarize tool output during run time. Is there any solution to this? 


I am using date app interface for getting the user input, but there is a need to limit the min and max date from user based on data records available for processing. I want to find out max available date from the input data and use it to guide user to select the date within specified range. 


Issue with soln: 

I figured using a constant to save the value of maximum date available in record and use it in error message app to check for date input by the user with max date saved in constant and if the date is more then expected then prompt user to modify his/her date selection. But I am not getting any soln to update date during runtime.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @Darshanshukla ,


Given your requirements seems that what would suit you best in this case would be a chained app, to read and update the values first for the dates and then have it displayed on the following app.


It is the only way I can think of at the moment for you to achieve your goal.