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Update Where clause in Dynamic Input tool


I'm trying to update the complete WHERE clause in the dynamic Input tool with a text string. This works if a field is a integer, but for a varchar the dynamic input doesn't add quotes around the values. In the example shown below dynamic tool doesn't interpret the single quotes. Can you please let me know if there is an alternative to replace the where clause which is currently 1=1 with ProcedureCode LIKE 'A1%'


WHERE ProcedureCode LIKE 'A1%'



Error: Dynamic Input (1): Error opening "Select * From TEMP Where ProcedureCode LIKE ''A1%''": No Columns Returned.


Expected query to be formed and executed by dynamic Input tool:

Select * From TEMP Where ProcedureCode LIKE 'A1%'


@monish_chandra  I would change the dynamic input tool to replace a specific string instead of updating the where clause.