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Update Values via API and Filter based on it

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I am currently building n API that allows the user to choose from any of the options specified below



After selecting Migration user has the ability to apply filters such that once the WF runs it will filter data accordingly.



As this is not a chained Application, I used cre Macros and List Runner/ Conditional Runner to run the WFs. 



However i Find that the Filters i have selected do not update for the Live data, 


In other words the filter that i have selected on the First Run only comes into effect on my second Run.



Please will you assist me in providing a solution to the Above problem.



Your assistance will be appreciated,



Thanks in Advance,


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I forgot to mention these filters are stored in a separate YXDB file which are then read in and executed through the runner tool

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Perhaps I was trying to accomplish something that was not possible...


I used a chain App to overcome this issue, ideally would have like it to work on 1 App


Should anyone find a solution, i will be interested to see.