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Update Input path using a drop down


Hello, I have multiple users who all perform a similar function for different clients. As such, the folders they would be accessing are all on a central drive, where the file structure is the same. Example would be N:\Client_Work\ABC_Client\Input\ and N:\Client_Work\XYZ_Client\Input\. All the input files would be in the input folder, but client names would change.


I have drop down being configured by a text input for the names and values, but I would like to change the path for the inputs. But when I test the app, I only get the path that's first in my list, rather than what I selected from the list.

I'm rather green, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @JoePrespare 

It sounds like you are looking to build a macro.

Maybe try looking into the feeding the input with a drop down and replace the specific string in the action tool with your selected option.


If you need more help doing so just let me know.
That should put you on the right path


This is what I have done thus far. Thought I included the analytic app with my original post.

I have the drop down driving my output and that works fine, just not working on the front end. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Just looks like it's your formula in the Action Tool.

So when you select a newspaper,  I assume that is going to pass a file location to the action tool.

You want to update that File path and appear to have a formula with [#1] and [destination] in it.

I would change it "Update Value (Default)" as an action type.

Select "File - value ' ..."

Replace the string that is the "N:\" path.

But also if you're looking to grab everything in the directory, it might be a directory input you're after


Thanks @jordyMicheal.


I changed to update value and removed the formula. I also added the path to specific string. Still no go. 




Hi @JoePrespare 


The dropdown you've configured on the leftmost input lists the newspapers, and that's the value being passed through the action tool, not the actual newpaper path in your crosstab. You can try to replace just "Austin" as the piece of the string you want to replace and see if that works.



My overall guess is that you don't want to pass just the city name of the newspaper, but rather the actual newspaper? I'm not sure what the city name is doing to drive the other inputs in your workflow.


Let me know if that's helpful.





Perfect. Just figured that out as you entered this information. Thanks to both of you!