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Update Formula Tool Based Off Variable Number of Fields From Input File


It is kind of difficult to describe what I am trying to accomplish, but I will give it my best.. I want to be able to upload input files with a variable numbers of fields and have my formula tool update to include additional columns.


I want the formula tool in my workflow to be able to dynamically adjust based off the input file that is uploaded. Due to the nature of what I am trying to accomplish with this workflow, the input file will have a variable number of fields that I need to perform a calculation on. In the attached example, my input file has three fields that I am using for a calculation. However, if my input file has 5 fields, I want my formula tool to perform the calculation on the two additional fields.


Additionally, all the field names are likely to change. I would like my join tool to also dynamically update so that it will select the correct field names and number of fields.


I have attached a sample workflow below. If anybody can help me I would greatly appreciate it.




This is potentially a complex one.

I'm hoping you can add some clarification for me so that I can make sure I'm understanding your goals.

when you refer to 3 vs 5 columns and the column names, are you referring to the number of cross tabs that have to happen (currently Store Count, UPSPW, DPSPW), or the number of distinct "Item Group" categories that we might be evaluating?



Thanks for the quick reply!


No, there will always be only 3 cross tabs. Within each cross tab, there are 3 categories: Drinks, Food, and Other, If I upload a different input that has additional categories (like clothes or hardware) I want the formula tool to include those fields and perform the calculation (contribution).