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Update Dataset with anothers values.

7 - Meteor



I have a dataset which contains some values for each month and keeps 12 developments of these values.


I've been asked to create a process which takes the new moths values and appends them onto the end of this field.


I've tried using a join, and union but can't seem to get it to work as it creates more rows than it should and then I can't update the correct cell after. So thought I would ask the community for help on this.


The attached workflow has two input datasets, the top one is the base table and the second dataset is the one that needs updating. This needs to be done monthly so will need to update the next months values next month and so on.


I've also included what is desired from this workflow.


Thanks for any help.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @Lbunce


With something like this Transposing the data is always the best place to start:


Update Data.PNG

7 - Meteor

Thanks for the help, this solved the problem.