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Unwanted field automatically generated while selecting excel in Input toolbox

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while selecting the excel file in input tools.

Its created unwanted fields as well with Null values.

is their any way to ignore this fields automatically or any other option.


Refer attached image.F7,F8,Fn are unwanted fields.

Alteryx Drag File (1).png


Thank you

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You can limit the cell range that you're loading from the excel sheet using a cell reference, for instance




will load only the 1st 6 fields. By not specifying a row number after column F, the Input data tool will load all the data to the end of the dataset



16 - Nebula

Alternatively, you can use the following design pattern to remove fields with only Null values (Edit: as made famous by @joshuaburkhow in this post




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17 - Castor

Hi @alt_tush 


Alteryx uses the active area of the worksheet to determine what data to read.  As mentioned here, Excel sets the active area of the worksheet so that it extends to enclose all the cells that have data or formatting.  In the attached workbook, the cell L14 has format set to Centered.  Even though there is no data in this cell, the active area includes this cell.  The referenced article gives step for removing the empty but formatted cells in the original workbook.