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Unsupported Protocol Error Using Download Tool with APIs

Alteryx Partner

I'm getting an unsupported protocol error intermittently when I use the download tool to make 15k+ calls at a time.  The error causes the whole batch to not return even though I suspect that many of the calls before the error were successful.  I don't believe it has to do with the APIs Transactions Per Second limit.  I know what the limit is, and I'm well below the limit using the throttling tool (and even when I don't use the throttling tool I rarely get rate limited by the api, and when I do it's strictly a few transactions rather than the whole batch failing). 

If it's true that many of the calls were successful before the download tool failed then I'd like to at least be able to retrieve those successful calls.

Lastly, it's likely that if this issue can be resolved we'd put the app I've built onto alteryx server.  Would it be more or less likely to fail in this way on alteryx server.  As is I can't deliver it because the error happens too frequently (perhaps 1/3 of the time).


Hi @brodeo,


What about putting the Download tool inside a macro and configuring it as; "Auto Configure by Name (Wait Until All Iterations Run)".


This should allow you to run and collect all results with some failed ones along the way - what i usually do in this case is to filter the responses for successful ones to have clarity of what run and what didn't.







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