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Unsupported File Type (.dif)


I was tasked recently with helping a senior director set up a data input tool so he could do some analysis in Alteryx. Unfortunately, he was trying to read .dif files which aren't supported. I couldn't find any insights or workarounds for the problem in the community. So, for any future users that find themselves in this situation, I came up with a solution that reads the .dif as an unknown file type and rebuilds the table (attached).


Possible improvements...

1. A more efficient workflow

2. The output is all Strings. A dynamic field classifier would be outstanding (and maybe such a tool exists already)


@zschwrtz Thanks for sharing your solution with the community. I would have loved to see this workflow with an included sample data file to see first hand how this functions. Especially as I don't have a .dif file readily available to test it with. Regarding your list of possible improvements the workflow seems pretty lean already. You might be able to consolidate some formula or filter tools, but I can't say for certain without having data to test it with. On your second improvement point the tool you are looking for is likely the Auto Field tool from the prep category. Adding this tool after your Dynamic Rename should identify and adjust the data types and field lengths based on the data available in each column. You can find more information on it in the online help at: