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Unknown error in Designer with macro with 2 output connections


Hello everyone,

I've been facing a weird error and haven't been able to understand what is going wrong.

My workflow uses a macro which itself uses another macro. The error appears when I try to connect 2 tools (selects in the attached example) to the output of the macro in the main workflow.

The error reported by Designer is "The Designer x64 reported: Missing connection 819". What's weird is:

- Designer doesn't specify which tool is involved

- When I try and change things around, the number in the error changes (so it's not an error code).


What removes the error is:

- Remove one of the selects so that the macro in the main workflow only has 1 output connection.

- Remove the nested macro so that there's only the main workflow and 1 macro.


Any help appreciated. I've been banging my head on the wall trying to figure it out (but besides cracks in my head and the wall, no result).

I've attached a package with the 3 files.

Thanks a lot!


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I've seen strange errors before with two macro outputs when you have created the 2nd one by copying and pasting, it's not this by any chance? To resolve that problem make sure you bring on a fresh one by navigating to the toolbar or by using the search.