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Unknown/Dynamic field behaviour with other unselected and selected columns


I understand the functioning of 'Unknown/Dynamic fields' feature in Select/Group/Join, etc operators.

But what happens in following scenarios:-


Total dataset has 4 columns A,B,C,D

-> I have checked 'unknown/dynamic fields' option, along with that I have UNCHECKED A and C (With renamed as old_A and old_C) and CHECKED B and D (With renamed as old_B, old_D)


Now i have few new columns coming in. These will be automatically selected (Because of unknown fields functionality). But will A and C be selected along or not?


I am confused whether unchecked fields will be selected or not when unknown fields option is checked!!


Please help me figure this out.!




If I understand your question correctly, A and B will NOT be selected (the rename has no effect for the originally unselected fields)


You can see this by setting up a flow that just consists of an input (e.g. Excel), a select set up as you described and a browse. If you set up the input to use a sheet with just the 4 fields, the output will be fields B and D. If you reset the input to a sheet with additional fields (E and F) the output will be B, D, E, and F


No. Actually I have A and C are unchecked & B and D are checked along dynamic fields option checked,

So B and D will be present in output that i know. But what I am confused about is whether A and C will be present in output or not?


The answer varies SOMEWHAT by tool - but see my final sentence.


For example, the select tool will not output A and C in your example, because you told it "fields named A and C shouldn't pass".


The multi-field tool is a longer story. A and C will not get TREATED by the formula, because you told it "fields A and C shouldn't get treated by this formula". So - New_A and New_C will NOT be in the output; but if A and C were in the input to the multi-field tool, A and C WILL come out; because this tool is ONLY saying "apply this formula to these fields" and you are excluding A and C from those fields.


I think the general answer you're looking for to your question is no - A and C, if present and unchecked, won't get treated along with other fields in the various tools that use dynamic / unknown inputs.


Sorry - typo in my answer. Should have read that A and C will NOT get output