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Unique Only Macro

6 - Meteoroid

Hello newbie here again,


i´ve installed following Macro:


It´s working perfectly fine. But i got following Problem:


A Friend of mine is working on a Workflow and implemented this Macro. I´ve tried to open the Workflow, but the Macro wont show up even though

i´ve installed it. I can use the Macro in my Workflows but when i try to open his Workflow the Macro wont show up..


Heres how it looks like:



The Solution we got know is to delete it and drag it in again, but then you have to set up all setting again..

Anyone can help me?


Heres the proof that i have the Macro installed and opened in my Workflow:


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi David


It's possible that the path to the macro is hard coded into your friend's workflow and points to a path that doesn't exist on your machine.  Compare the install paths on your machine and your friend's.  If you're sure it's the same macro, you can delete the macro from your copy of his workflow and add it again.  That should fix any path problems



6 - Meteoroid

Thanks @danilang 


darn it why didn´t i thought of it haha 😄