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Union all csv files in subfolders with a macro




I've built a macro where it succesfully unions all csv files in a specific folder. However, I have 50 other folders that contains csv files (all same type), so I need to go one by one to union csv files in each folder with a macro.I just want to have a single output that contains all csv files in 50 folders 


Is there a shortcut to this?


EX: Folder A

           SUBFOLDER AB--contains 10 csv files

           SUBFOLDER AC--contains 15 csv files

           SUBFOLDER AD--contains 11 csv files




Instead of setting my macro one by one, I would like to union all csv files under folder A


Thanks  (I attached screenshots from my workflow)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Did you know you can use wildcards in the file path, plus there is also a "Search DubDirs" option in the Input tool.

So if all of the CSVs are basically the same structure, you don't really need a can just have the source file as...

"C:\Directory\Whatever*.csv" and it will input all of the CSVs that start with "Whatever".