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Union Tool Input #1 Not Initialized

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I am getting the following error "Union Tool Input #1 Not Initialized" I understand why I am getting it and looking for thoughts on how to test for it.


Simple workflow with an input tool with a date/time in it



The date/time is passed to a Salesforce tool and replaces a specific string. The query runs and Lucky Charms appear at the other end. Everything is Magically delicious until the date/time I pass is newer than what is in the table. This is where the errors occur.



So my thought was to try and test the results coming out of the Salesforce tool (Count Tool) and avoid passing anything to the union where the record count < 1. Then proceed to the bottom line of the flow, swap values with the other count tool, then finish the bottom row of the flow (log it ran, returned zero records, etc).


I have not come up with any solution that works and feel that I am really overthinking what could be an easy solution.


Your thoughts....






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Hi @stapuff, Reading your note it looks like your Saleforce connector does not output data for some dates, which the union tool is looking for, and errors out since it doesnt find anything coming from the Salesforce connection, yes? Union tool from my experience shouldn't error out if you are using an Auto Config in its config. 

Can you confirm your Union tool setup? do you have 'Auto Config by Name' or 'Manually Configure by Fields'? 


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I appreciate your response back.


Here are the settings:


Auto Config By Name

Ignore - Continue Processing Records

Output All Fileds






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Could you refactor your Salesforce query to return atleast one record no matter what, which we can filter downstream in Alteryx? The SQL could be a union of System date and base query you have. That way it'll always output something and the issue would resolve itself?


Alternatively, there are some solutions suggested in the following community page for you to look at:


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I looked at the post you provided before I posted to the forum.


There are several directions I can go and was thinking the easiest would be to check the date in Salesforce vs the date in the input before the request.


The detour tools are nothing I have worked with before and the metadata suggestion is beyond my understanding of how Alteryx works.


I appreciate your responses back.