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Union Repeating Columns/Fields


I unioned two sets of data having 38 fields each. One has 592 records and the other has 946 records. The union of the two gives me 1538 records which is perfect BUT it also gives me 40 fields instead of 38 with two fields repeated. I put select tools in front of the input tables and checked that the data type is exactly the same. Any idea why it might be repeating and what I can do differently to solve it? 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @saiharish 


A good way to check if your fields are exactly matching is to drag Field Info Tool to both of your data sets and join these results by "Name" and "Type".


This way you can see if there's a slight difference that maybe had passed through your eyes and you weren't able to identify.


Here's an example:





Hi @saiharish 


Check to see if the one of the repeated columns has leading or trailing spaces in the column name



That was indeed the issue. Trailing spaces. Thanks everyone.