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Uninstall Predictive Analytic Tools

6 - Meteoroid

We are still running Alteryx Designer 10.5 and I installed the predictive analytics tools from the downloads, but I am now getting a large number of error messages on every startup of Alteryx. I think it is because the install of the predictive analytics was for v11. Is there any way to uninstall the predictive analytics tools without doing a full Alteryx uninstall? 

10 - Fireball

You might want to look here:


You can download previous versions of the predictive and maybe try installing one that matches your Alteryx Designer version.

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you


This would've helped before I installed the wrong version, but now I am looking for guidance on how to uninstall the version I have installed so that I can install the correct version (that works on 10.5)



6 - Meteoroid

I have resolved this - for future reference, delete the Predictive Analytics folder from the Macro's folder in the Alteryx installation location on your machine.


For example:

\\Alteryx\R-3.2.3\plugin\Macros\Predictve Tools


Then reinstall the correct version from the downloads.