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Unable to view Browse map results in the configuration window in Alteryx 2018.3


 I just installed the new version of Alteryx 2018.3, I use space obj in my modules, and I am expecting to see my special obj in my brows tool, but it stay in "Please Wait... Rendering Map..." when with old versions had only some seconds to display the map.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

One possible issue that was mentioned in this topic was a security program blocking the Alteryx mapping sub-program (AlteryxBrowseMap.exe) from operating as expected. Check with your IT professionals and make sure that the Alteryx program directories (and sub-directories) are allowed as exceptions in the security protocols. 


I contact my IT group, and now the problem is resolved, looks like it was a security conflict with the McAfee software, thank you Charlie!