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Unable to see Updated value in a chained App.



      My current scenario is I select a CSV File then list all the columns within the file and display the columns to the user via the interface tool. The user selects the column he wants and this columns can be renamed (Currently hardcoding the renamed columns as Input_1,Input_2 etc.). The selection and display of CSV File and columns are part of the first app and the list of columns which were selected in the first app needs to be reflected in the second app and this is where I am facing problem. I am not able to get the second app to reflect the selected columns via the first app. Not sure what I am doing wrong.


I have tried outputing the list to "%temp%..\Output.yxdb"  then referred this path in the second app. I even tried using the complete path in both the Apps (like C:\Alteryx Test\Output.yxdb. ) But I am not able to get it  work. 

I am trying this within the Alteryx desktop only not yet uploaded to the gallery.Any suggestions here. I have uploaded the workflow as well.


Hi @naveen_manae,


I can see why this is happening (the metadata is stored in the underlying XML of the second App and that's what configures the interface tools). I did however think that it would work with your method.


Easiest way around it is to save the values in the first app in 2 columns Name:Value




and then use that to configure the Listbox:





I have used NAME, VALUE Pair and this has worked out for me. I was using "Select" tool for the column names instead I tried using filter tool for selection and this worked.