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Unable to read .xls files

13 - Pulsar

I am using windows 10 machine and Alteryx designer 11.7. I am getting following error while trying to read .xls files even after installing 32 bit access driver. Can someone help ?


"Get Table List Error: The 2017-10-10 Windows security patch prevents the Jet driver from reading .xls files; install the 2010 32-bit Access driver"

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus
Do you have an option to use the .xls Microsoft legacy driver?
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5 - Atom

I am facing the same problem.


When I DO try to install the 32-bit Access driver, it says I will have to uninstall 64-bit MS-Office first.



              How do I make Alteryx choose to use Legacy driver? I know in Tableau there is a drop-down that allows Legacy instead of the default Open option as in the screen shot attached.


8 - Asteroid

The simplest solution I've found to this problem involves changing the exact way you tell Alteryx to connect to the file.  When I would try to paste the path of the file into the Input Data tool in the Connect a File or Database box, I would get this error. 


Instead do this:

1. Click the Input Data dropdown,



2. On the Data connections window, select Files on the left side


3. Drag and drop the file to the Select a File space. 


After you release it to that space, you should see the Data connections disappear and the Select Excel Input window appear.  If it does, you're good to go. Somehow Alteryx Designer doesn't like the path paste method, but luckily there was an easy workaround for me.  Hope it works for you too!

7 - Meteor

wen i try to drag and drop i get the following error;



5 - Atom

Hi! I am having this exact same problem. Did you find a solution?