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Unable to install one drive input output tool

Alteryx Certified Partner



I tried to install one drive tool, but it does not work.


After downloading one drive input output tool from gallery, I run one_drive_v1.0.2.yxi.

But I faced error message "An error occurred during installation of the Python tool.".

It would be appreciated if someone give me advice to clear the error.




Hi @kniino


We have seen this issue before, and there are a couple of workarounds that have been successful depending on your environment. This first workaround require changing registry settings. Changing registry settings incorrectly can cause issues for your machine, so if you do not feel comfortable doing so, work with your IT team to make the changes.


1. Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe)


2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem


3. Right click on the key and Export for backup


4. Change value LongPathsEnabled from 0 to 1




5. Re-install reluctant YXI again (no restart should be needed).



If that first option does not work, we have seen this workaround have success as well:


1. Create a file called AlteryxDesigner.cmd with following content:


subst T: %TEMP%
set TEMP=T:
subst T: /D


2. Run AlteryxDesigner.cmd and, when Designer is started, open the YXI file and install it.



Let me know if neither of these workarounds help you resolve the issue.




Customer Support Engineer


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Jake,


The problem is clear and finally i could install onedrive tool.

Thank you for your help!