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Unable to find address for bcp_batch Error


Hi All,


I'm trying to bulk upload excel files into db using data steam IN tool, but I'm getting an error 'unable to find address for bcp_batch' also I have installed the SQL Server Native client but still no success.


Can you please help me out in this?



Ramandeep Singh

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @marwahraman

Can you share the workflow and data with us to look further in this case?

I was trying to reproduce this in  many ways, without success.


Please, let me know.




Your third image shows it all.  You set up the 'bulk' DSN using the 'SQL Server' driver.  You need to remove/recreate and use the SQL Server Native Client 11.0.


Should fix it right up :-) (I had the exact same issue, see for proper citation)