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UiPath Activity Pack for Alteryx

8 - Asteroid

Hi everyone,


I was pretty exited to see the press release about the partnership between UiPath and Alteryx because we use both tools. I checked out the Alteryx activity pack for UiPath and was able to start Alteryx workflows in our Gallery from an UiPath robot. Then I tried to install the UiPath Activity Pack for Alteryx but the workflow in the public gallery fails and when I try to open the downloaded version I get a version error, because I am still at 2020.1 because of our company gallery.


Can anyone share their experiences from the UiPath Activity Pack for Alteryx?




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

FYI you can change the version of the workflow you'd like to open. If the automatic process doesn't work, you can open the workflow in a text editor (like Notepad) and change the version number at the top. 


Here's a write up: 


Note: there may be some version differences that don't work in other versions, but most of the time it's just fine. 

11 - Bolide

Is the UiPath Activity Pack for Alteryx suppose to include macros for use in Alteryx Designer? All I get is a one page write-up.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

"The easiest way is from (UIPath) Studio, go to Manage Packages and search for Alteryx in the Official feed."