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UTFDataFormatException when exporting a pdf

8 - Asteroid


I am creating some reports for my department and all goes well but in the start of a record after half, I get the following error:

Error: Render (336): Exception parse error line: 1 column: 40 An exception occurred! Type:UTFDataFormatException, Message:invalid byte 2 ( ) of a 3-byte sequence.

 I think it is because the name of the resource contains is "Hervé" and Utf8 is not able to create the record for some reason. But how can I overcome this, since Windows allows paths with the é character and if i look in the browse tool before the whole report is correctly created. Where does alteryx get stuck? 

14 - Magnetar

Hi @Dennisklad1 


It looks like you're not the first one to experience this. It may be a limitation, you could try replacing that character or wrapping the field that contains it in a DecomposeUnicodeForMatch(String) formula.