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Hello everyone,

I have Alteryx Designer installed on AWS can I have US Business Insights data of around 200 GB downloaded from Internet onto a shared location and can my Alteryx Designer work with Insights data from Shared Server?



This article will walk you through a network installation of the business insights data. Each machine that will be using the business insights data will need its own business insights license. 

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Yes, but you'll need to prepare a network install first.



Once that process is complete, you'd then launch the installer (AlteryxDataInstall.exe) that's found in the location where the network install was placed in. That third radio button, which was inactive before, will now be select-able.


This option will only install configuration files to where the data can be found vs. having to install the 200GB of data in various machines. Downside to this data does now have to travel via IP so using it against a large amount of data could take significantly longer.

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