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Two action tools on one Input tool anchor?



I want to have two action tools on an Input tool - is that possible?


I need one for the user to browse and select the Input file itself. The second is to input the row start number, the number of rows to be skipped before the header.  Tried using a Sample to skip first N and then a Dynamic Rename, but if the header row is already one then the dynamic rename is still activated.


Any suggestions or do I use a condition to disable the Sample and Dynamic Rename if the user inputs 1? Attached workflow and screenshot below.


Kind regards,

RohanInput Tool.PNG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Yes it's possible; but I don't believe it's possible when you are using the 'Update Input Data Tool' action type. You would have to use an 'Update Value' and simply overwrite the filename or something, and then both actions should 'stick'.