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Twitter Search Tool

alteryx error.pngHi ,


I am trying to use this twitter search tool from alteryx and getting this error. Has anyone noticed it?



@mridulasori1 I think that @APolly from Alteryx is investigating it in response to this question.

Thanks for letting me know


@APolly have you got any information on below issue?

 @Apolly, have you got any information on below issue?


Hi, I spoke with development team on this issue and we believe there have been changes made to the twitter API. We require production credentials to reproduce and begin troubleshooting. I will reach out via private message and see if we are able to get these credentials from you. Currently, there is no timeline for a fix, but these are the first steps.

Thanks Alex and Denise from Alteryx for investigating this issue and finding the problem. The issue was related to alteryx version. Twitter search tool does not work on 10.1 but on 10.6 and higher.


Thanks you again !



Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Is there any update on the Twitter Macro update with the new Twitter API? @APolly I am using the 2.0.1 Version of the Twitter Macro and I have tried Alteryx 11.0 and 10.5.


Twitter Macro Error Log.JPGTwitter Error Log

I have similar issue, I had an old macro working with Twitter API on Alteryx 10.6 but now I get this error message saying , twitter search tool is deprecated. Does anyone know the correct version compatible with alteryx 11.0?

I am getting below error with twitter search tool. any ideas anyone ? unknown variable