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Twitter Search Tool : 280 characters tweet

7 - Meteor

Twitter last year made tweets with 280 characters official. However, in Alteryx's Twitter Search tool we are able to retrieve only tweets upto 140 characters, post which they are truncated with few dots.


Does anyone knows the workaround for this, by which we can retrieve the whole 280 characters instead of 140.


Greatly appreciate your help.


14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar
7 - Meteor

@patrick_mcauliffe Yes, I have been using this version.

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar


Can you send me (by private message or post here) what your query parameters are?

I tried to recreate this and I wasn't running into the same issue.

If you can point to a particular tweet that you know produces the issue that would be most beneficial.

8 - Asteroid


Hi @patrick_mcauliffe,


I am using the same version of the Twitter connector (1.0)  (found here: Twitter Search ) and I am also only able to pull 140 characters. I am on Alteryx 


My search criteria has just been a single company name in the All of these words: textbox.


If you have found a solution, would you kindly share it? 


Thank you in advance.

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar


There are two ways:

1. Purchase a paid subscription  to the Twitter API (easy, fast, but $$).


2. Once the tweet hits the max character count, there *should be (see note below)* a url at the end ({shortened link here}).

Parse out that URL and run it back through the Download tool. 

You'll get a full web page of the tweet. 

From there you'll have to learn the HTML, which can be parsed out using RegEx (may take some time to learn this skill).

Word of caution: hitting the Twitter page directly too much in a short time frame may get you temporarily blocked.  There's usually a balance you have to find so you don't get detected as a bot (which is what you are doing).  Additionally, when using a Download tool to pull a webpage it is helpful to send the right headers with each request.

Using Fiddler to capture the browser traffic is very helpful in this process.

Sending headers with your query is explained in detail here:




*Note: if you dig through the Twitter API Terms of Service (TOS) you'll see a common theme where the free versions are referred to as a representative sample of the actual content.  It appears that Twitter not only uses this phrasing to omit results, but also to cover their shortening of the tweet body.  The fact that they include a link to the page is sort of a bonus in the fact that they don't *have* to do that based on their TOS (just my own interpretation from experience reading these types of documents).