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Trying to use fuzzy match


Trying to use fuzzy match to solve my issue. So i have two excel spreadsheets, I used the join function so that they now look like the below.. What I want to do is say the 3 columns there are 

Internal ID      Name                Customer    

1                    Interco                  

2                    102 Ltd 

3                    TomsPickup

4                    Georges


                                                Interco Ltd

                                                Toms Pickups

                                                Georges Ltd


So I want to match and combine if the the name somewhat matches with the customer to add the internal id to it so the outcome to be like the below, not sure if im using the right tool or not. 

Internal ID      Name                Customer    

1                    Interco               Interco Ltd

2                    102 Ltd 

3                    TomsPickup      Toms Pickups

4                    Georges            Georges Ltd








Hi @JamesG2806,


Fuzzy Matching is a whole industry on itself, but to get you started please have a look at this setup.


The 2 inputs should be aligned is key, value pairs - key indicating your source (2 sources in your example referred as 1 and 2) and value representing the value to be compared.


You then need to assign a record id to allow the Fuzzy Match tool point what pairs of values match.


Again the tool itself have 1M configuration options and you would need to match it to your individual case and play with different parameters.







#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?


Hi @JamesG2806 

As @rafalolbert wrote, fuzzy matching is practically its own industry. I always open up the help pages within Alteryx wile using the tool (right-click the fuzzy match tool and choose Open Example)

Your dataset may lend itself to a formula match instead of a fuzzy match, as it looks like Name can be found within Customer.

So the way I'd approach this is to Append all customers to each name (making sure to allow all appends), and then seeing if a cleaned up version of Customer is contained within Name.
Let me know if this helps.