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Trying to lookup Entity Name with slight variance from different input files


Hello All,


I am new to alteryx, and still exploring the capabilities, so I apologize for my naivety.

I have two excel file (my data sources) and I am trying to match the Org Name from File 1 to File 2 to get the Org ID (from File 2) to file 1 (something similar to excel VLOOKUP). But the Org Name is slightly different in both the files.


Eg: File 1                          File 2

Org Name                        Org Name        Org ID

APPLE                              APPLE              O-01

ORANGE                          ORANGE INC   O-02

PEACH                              PEACHY          O-03


My expected output:

Org Name                     Org ID

APPLE                            O-01

ORANGE                        O-02

PEACH                           O-03


Thanks in advance for answering my query.


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
You want to look at the fuzzy matching tool to perform this type of analysis.

This will allow you to understand which records are similar and then from that you can perform a join on that detail.

Here is a good blog post to get you started...