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Trying to Insert Columns into excel with formula to replace null values with value above

Hi All,

I am relatively new here so any assistance would be appreciated. I have been trying to find a way to have alteryx format a file for me that I typically do manually in excel.

My Raw data has three columns (User ID , Access , and Group). The issue is that the user or their access is only listed once in the data until the next user or access as shown below


I then utilize formulas to reformat the data in columns D/E/F. (If blank, use prior value above, if not use new value.) What I am trying to determine is if there is a way to insert the three 'formatted' columns and have alteryx enter the formula into every cell. Any thoughts are appreciated.







To do so, you can use a tool named "Multi-Row Formula" that enables you to use a value of a previous or following row. 

I enclosed my workflow solution to your question.