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Truncate and Load data to oracle tables


I have multiple source files and multiple Oracle INPUT tables

the data from multiple INPUT tables in oracle will flow into the respective OUTPUT tables upon which further VIEWS and FINAL DATA TABLES are created. All this happens via oracle stored procedures currently, the procedures include some calculations, joins, inserts, updates etc.


when loading the data from input to output tables the stored procedures do a TRUNCATE and LOAD

i.e. if the INPUT table has data for the month of 2019Jan the procedure will check if 2019Jan already exists in the OUTPUT table

if existing in the OUTPUT table the procedure will delete the old data for the month of 2019Jan from the OUTPUT table and reload the fresh data for the same month, hence not touching the data for the other months in the OUTPUT table


i need to achieve this TRUNCATE and LOAD via an alteryx workflow


the thing to note here is the data in the INPUT table is about 1GB which takes about 30 minutes to load

hence the workflow needs to wait till the complete data in the INPUT is loaded and then follow

Truncate and Load on the further tables


flow would be as below

Source file > Input table[oracle] > Output table [truncate and load into oracle table only after complete data in Input table is loaded]


Hello @Shaiy10 ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community! 
Could you please upload the workflow that you have so far so the members of the community users can take a look?


What you are trying to do is something that can be done within Alteryx. Take a look at the join tool from the samples in Alteryx.

This will allow you to match your datasets based off of the dates you are looking for, and you can simply unselect the data points from your available data from the Join tool settings on the left.

This will leave you with only your new data for the same date range output through the "J" output of the join tool.

If you are still having trouble, please let me know! You can also take a look at our interactive lessons from the Academy.





Community Moderator