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Trim Left is not working


HI All,


may i know where i am doing wrong in the Trimleft function.


Everything looks normal. but the output is not right.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

the expression that you used will remove "2" from the start of currency. 

if you just want the first 2 characters, left(currency,2)

if you want to skip the first 2 characters, substring(currency,2,)


 otherwise please describe what you're expecting as a result. 




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Hi @RanjanKT,


there are different ways how you can trim a string. 


1. Use the Trim function

* Trim(x, y): Removes the character(s) in the string y from the ends of the string x. Y is optional and defaults to trimming white space. Notice in the TRIM function examples the specified characters are trimmed. It doesn't matter what order the characters are in.