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Transposing two sources duplicates a value

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Newbie here...


I have two data sources.

One excel table that has 3 rows - a row for each region and a value in 12 columns (one for each month). Pretty simple. I've transposed this to have a region column and one date column and a value column.


Region A     August     10

Region A     September    7



The second excel sheet has many rows but still simple. There is a column for region, project name, date and a value. Rows are per project.


Region A    Project Alpha      300      August

Region A    Project Beta        400      August


When I join the two I keep duplicating the value in my first sheet because it is grouping by the project name. Thus it will look like this:

Region A   August        Project Alpha           10 (from sheet 1)    300 (from sheet 2)

Region A   August        Project Beta             10 (from sheet 1)    400 (from sheet 2)


Thus, when I want to just look at August and the value from sheet 1, it will show 20 and not 10 as it should.


Is there a way to not duplicate this value?

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Alteryx Certified Partner

can you provide a sample module with TEXT INPUTS?


I think it would be easier to understand and to help you with a functioning module.





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Hi Mary,


Given the data provided, the only way to not duplicate values will be to add a unique field to each dataset.


If you are joining by Region, or Region and Month, each will produce duplicates.


"Region A August 10" will match to both "Region A August Project Alpha" AND "Region A August Project Beta", thus producing a duplicate. 



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I was able to resolve this using the Union module instead of the Join module as it didn't create extra rows and it put "nulls" in the right place. Then I transposed my measure columns into one column and it took correctly.


Thanks for the help everyone.