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Transpose to Crosstab and appending field names



trying to get specific field names based on my data.  I get to a certain point and I am stuck.

The image below is my sample input and expected output.  I also included a workflow sample.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @LincolnMike


This should get you somewhere close.


  • I transposed the data first
  • created a concatenated header
  • did a little regex replace (because crosstab annoyingly removes special characters)
  • used summarize to count the number of "tracks"
  • Crosstabbed the data back
  • lastly a little dynamic rename to put the special characters back in the headers


Transpose Crosstab.PNG@LordNeilLord

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Hi LNL. I will try this first thing Monday morning

Thank you LNL.  I used the REGEX you created.  I spent the day understanding the formula, and found more information about REGEX.  I found a site and the Alteryx help site.  I added a few more Formulas to what you started for me and i have all that I need...for this question :)

I am sure I will have more questions soon.