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Transpose/Transform Data


Hey All,


I have what's probably a very simple problem to solve. Essentially, I have company addresses information that I was given and after cleaning it up I am left with the following format.






Each of these correspond to cell A1, A2, A3, ..., A_N. Each company is in sets of 3, and I want the data to display like this:


[Name] [Address] [State] (basically A1, B1, C1, but for the entire set of data which is a considerable amount of rows). See attached for example.


Is there an easy way to do this inside of Alteryx?




Hey @CB1989!


I think you might've forgotten to include your attachment. Do you think the Cross Tab tool could be what you're looking for, though?


I guess it didn't attach last time, my apologies. I had considered the cross tab tool, but wasn't sure how to make it work when I only have one column? I will take another look, maybe I missed something.







@CB1989 I love this type of problem!


I attached a workflow that should be able to get you the output you're looking for (I put most of your data from your picture into the Text Input). The key was to use a couple Multi-Row Formula tools in order to get the groupings right for the Cross Tab. I went ahead and also added a normal Formula tool, too, to create custom headers for your new fields. You could have also left this out and used New Field as your headers and changed them later on with a Select tool or something.


Hopefully this helps!


Thanks! This is exactly what I needed, I appreciate your time and help.